Our TV Star – Bandi

The Story of Bandi     Article published Fethiye Times

Back in April 2015 Bandi the Pointer posed for his photo on his sunbed in the

Dalyan Animal Shelter and someone on Facebook wrote the comment

“I will be a star one day”

Who could have believed that this indeed would come true. Bandi’s story is a heart-warming tale of dedicated animal lovers in Turkey and the UK working together to give this dog the chance of  a better life. Born with a severe deformity of his front legs he was abandoned outside the Animal Shelter in Dalyan. He was cared for by the volunteers and he was a great favourite because of his beautiful nature

The Shelter in Dalyan has for many years been caring for the stray animals in the area. The word has spread about the good nature and friendliness of the dogs here, and, as a result the Shelter has become a favourite tourist attraction in this beautiful part of Turkey. Visitors to the area regularly come to the shelter to walk and pamper the friendly dogs. All the dogs want to give everyone their love. Bandi always made sure he was the first to greet visitors and one day kind hearted people from the UK  fell in love with him and decided that they could make a difference and give him the chance of a better life.


The Shelter volunteers prepared him for his journey whist his new family in the UK waited excitedly. After 4 months the time came for Bandi to leave Turkey on the way to his new home. In the UK he was referred to the vet and it was decided that Bandi could be operated on but it would be a long process. His new family’s circumstances changed however, and with heavy hearts it was decided that the best thing for Bandi was to be handed over to the world famous Battersea Dogs Home in London. Here he underwent life changing surgery. Complicated procedures to straighten both legs took months and after one final operation to his right leg he was back on all fours with a new name as well, MICKY…..Metal  Micky with his bionic legs.

Staff at Battersea were fantastic with their care for him


MICKY’s amazing story caught the attention of the PAUL O’GRADY TV show  “FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS” and our very own Dalyan dog did indeed become a star as was predicted so long ago. Micky was featured in the prime time CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Here he is seen meeting Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and his story managed to bring tears to the eyes of millions of viewers on Christmas Day


. And the best bit of all……his now forever mummy was actually one of the nurses who helped with his surgery and aftercare. She totally fell in love with Micky and hoped that her family would be the ones to adopt him. And so the Christmas Fairy Tale came true. Micky now lives with Naomi, Richard and their two sons where he is a















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Paul O Grady with our Bandi

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