Jane is based in UK but visits Dalyan several times a year spending most of her time at the Rescue Centre.

Janes Story

Myself & sister stumbled across the then Dalyan Dog Shelter in Sept 2018 and never looked back. It changed my life being involved with the beautiful dogs. I find it so rewarding helping them, from walking, feeding, cleaning and best part showing them love. I have managed to rescue 3 dogs, Sheba, Meesha & Biscuit with the help of many kind, compassionate people and they are now in their furever loving homes bringing love, happiness & joy to those around them. Even though I live in the UK everyday the dogs are the forefront of my thoughts and I will/can make a difference to their lives. Can’t wait till my next trip to see them all again. My focus is to find the dogs furever loving homes, guide & help people who adopt. Let’s ? 2021 will be a success for them. We are their voice!